Ready to simplify your geotech jobs?

Do the past few months have you pondering how to push ahead of the competition in an industry ruled by rate-per-foot? Then it’s time to watch how the NEW Geoprobe® 3126GT can make your job faster and easier.

Engineered to safely simplify your geotechnical applications, you’ll want to WATCH how the compact, off-road 3126GT reliably ramps up production while reducing operating costs.

You’ll SEE how the 3126GT geotechnical rig:

  • Trims time between drilling applications with innovative centerline head side shift – no manipulating mast position or mobilizing multiple machines.
  • Minimizes stress on your crew with hands-free automatic drop hammer, rotation, and feed – all backed by our industry-leading service and support team.
  • Maximizes production and rig utilization with power and versatility – bringing new drillers up the learning curve quickly with easy controls and integrated safety features.

Ready to witness for yourself how the NEW Geoprobe® 3126GT is advancing the geotechnical industry?

Geoprobe logoLet us know where you’d like to see a live demo – in-person at Geoprobe® headquarters, via a virtual tools-in-the-ground demonstration, or at your facility.